AJ reflects on surviving first year

AJ stopped by Founders Hall on Tuesday for a chat, wrapping up his first year at Augustana.

First on his mind, he has a pair of papers due Friday in his “Morality and Artificial Intelligence” and “American Christianities” classes, totaling 18 pages

“They could be the death of me,” he said.

Following his finals next week, AJ is driving some seven hours up to Wisconsin to meet his family for a short vacation at a rental house.

Then coming up at the end of June, he leaves on his Jewish Birthright trip — “Ten days of awesome, amazing, super-excited Israeli fun.”

Although he won’t return to the football team in the fall, AJ had a strong spring season throwing the shot on the track team. His season-best of 43 feet, 1½ inches back in April was a team best, and he’s optimistic good offseason workouts will put him in great position to improve as a sophomore.

Finally, the old soul has some words of wisdom for incoming first-year students and those in high school still deciding where to attend college.

“You’ll be questioning yourself about how you got 50 pounds of crap in a 10-pound bag,” AJ said of his first year of college. “You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time. If you try to take the whole thing on, you’re gonna choke and die.

“So take it slow, and just know that if you don’t get a good grade on a paper or completely miss something, it’s going to be all right. You’re going to live through it.”

Week 9

Oh hot damn. My first year at Augie is coming to an end. Can’t wait to be back home and relaxing for the summer!

Looking foward to this summer
1. Sleeping in MY BED!
2. Catching up with friends about their first year of college
3. Working out a The Sweatshop! Those guys and gals are crazy and I love them!
4. Going (hopefully) to Israel on the Birthright trip!! Just have to get my passport and give the peeps incharge the information.
-Note to self: Go check mailbox
5. Late night firepit talks with my dad.

Have a great week!
Don’t forget! that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose!

Sorry! Almost Forgot!

Real quick post for you all this week. I have to get back to my rough draft that is due at 5. Making final touches and I still have practice at 4!! OIE!!

Going to be throwing Discus for the first time in my collegiate career this weekend! WOOT! :D

Got the email that said I was accepted to Birthright trip this summer!!! ( Means I get to go to Israel for 10 days for really cheap! ) Now I just need to get my passport before the deadline…..which is May 10th…..OIE!! and yes that is my second “OIE!!” for this post. Get used to it! :D

Last night, I got assigned to be one of the CA’s ( community advisors) for the TLA’s ( Transitional Living Areas) next year! Going to be a lot of fun living in a house with the other CA’s and a great opportunity on campus. Looking forward to a great 2014 school year! Only about 4 more weeks of school and then summer time!!!!!

Only if I could find a job for the summer….


Looking Up!

Had a much better week starting last Wednesday. I was asked to be on a panel of current students who received the Cultural Diversity Award, and answer questions from Juniors that attend EPIC Academy in Chicago. They had some great questions, and I am looking forward to doing it again next year. 

Saturday: 2nd outdoor Track meet of the Season. The vikings had a great two days of competition. (The meet started on Friday and was finished Saturday) I threw on Saturday and had a throw of 42”3. Not my best throw to date, but had good signs of improvement with my technique to be excited for the end of the outdoor season when it really counts. GO VIKINGS!

Saturday Evening: Had dinner with mom and dad. Always fun hanging out with them and catching up on the little things that you don’t hear about when you are away at school. After dinner,

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Not What I Expected

This past week has been a giant roller coaster downward. Not a positive week I am sad to report. While fulfilling my 1 post a week quota, and still not offending anyone, I will do my best.

Classes: The 2nd week of classes definitely started to get “real” as opposed to the 1st week fluff. The expectations and faces of my teachers have really come out. All great classes and very interesting professors. The classes will be challenging, but not impossible. GO EDUCATION..lol.

Pledging: I am no longer pledging.

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Week 1 Spring Term

Very busy schedule. It is never ending craziness and excitement at the same time. My classes seem very interesting and with great professors. Track and Field is starting its outdoor season this weekend with the home opener. Hope everyone has a good week and make smart decisions with what cookies and milk you consume :)

Winter Break Part 2

Okay, so it is actually Spring break but I just thought I should say something witty about the fact that it is March and spring break with still a good foot of snow on the ground.

Spending my first week of break at school preparing for CCIW Indoor Championships. It was a great meet, and a lot of fun to see some amazing throwers.

The second week was spent at home. Working out at a small place called The Sweatshop. They are getting an upgrade this summer to a much bigger facility. Great people and an even better workout.

Coming back Sunday and looking foward to a great Spring term. Have a great day and be sure to tip your waiter.

The Final Countdown!!!!

Roar! Finals were a lot more stressful this term. But the term has been surrounded by a lot of great things as well! Shot-put is going real well! Looking forward to the meet this Friday that starts at 6pm! Meaning we will be back on campus around 4am Saturday. Much sarcasm intended. I have successfully applied to become a CA next year! Looking forward to leading my own floor and helping students. Then the always exciting Greek life! I have turned in my preference sheet and will now wait until we all get back to see if I get a call, from one of the Greek presidents saying they would like to have me! Woot! woot! Party in the CSL

Gotta go study now for my Psychology final at 3! Wish me luck! Hope all is well with you my fantastic readers.

Love always

Thrown For a Loop

WOW! I have not been this exhausted since the end of my time serving in N.A.M. But I got through that, so I believe I will make it out on the otherside in one piece.

Classes for next term:
MWF: 8:30-9:45-First Class
10:00-11:15-Second Class
11:30-12:45-Third Class

Tuesday/Thursday: No Classes

Ya, you read that correctly. I have all of my classes on Monday, Wensday, Friday….I have my first 8:30class of my college career. Not impressed.

Friday Night: Track meet that started at 5o’clock and I got back on campus at 4am. I have still not recovered from the lack of sleep. I will be going to bed early tonight…..well right after the Season Premiere of Walking Dead:D

Have a great week! And may the odds ever be in your favor.